Who We Are

Institute for International Peace Building (IIPB) is a non-governmental organization established in January 2008 in response to threat of terrorism. Terrorism has created many victims directly and indirectly. Many people have been killed, many children have been orphaned, and many wives have been widowed and they are now faced with economic difficulties and they are also having to deal with the stigma as terrorist for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, the 'hard' approach to tackling terrorism has been proved ineffective. This can be seen by the emergence of new threats.

A different approach is required. We need an integrated policy and national strategy to reduce the level of threats coming from violent groups. The existence of IIPB is focused on developing and deepen understanding of peace and conflict, political violence, terrorism and other transnational crimes.

Our overall objective is to promote peace, including through dialogue.


Noor Huda Ismail

Our Vision

To create a safer place for Indonesians from violence extremism by social intervention through alternative and sustainable approaches

Our Mission

To conduct research related to violence extremism issues either in locally or internationally.

To facilitate the rehabilitation and social reintegration of perpetrators of extreme violence (terrorism) and his family through humanely approach.

To encourage more active participation of non-state actors and countries (NGOs, faith based organizations, private sector and academia), to countermeasures the extreme violence.

To encourage local based values and initiatives which already exist and live in the community as tools in solving violence extremism.

To promote the role of women and children to disengage the cycle of extreme or radical ideas.